Poll: How Much Does Console Exclusive Extra Content Bother You?

By Sam Quirke, 10 days ago
Happy Friday, poll participants! Last week, under the barrage of Borderlands related news we thought we would ask you which loot shooter is your favourite. The community certainly silenced any questions about whether anyone cared about Borderlands any more, with Borderlands 2 taking almost half of the total votes alone. The first game in the series took home the next biggest share with close to 18% of the poll, while the only other significant grouping at 13% was those who didn't like any of our listed loot shooters. Clearly Gearbox knows that there's some nostalgia to tap into here.

Control PS4Control PS4

Control Xbox OneControl Xbox One

This week, we're discussing some renewed irritation towards Remedy's Control — specifically, its console-exclusive versions. For those who aren't aware, Control is the first game from the studio in many years which will not be exclusive to Xbox's platform. The reasons behind this are normally given as a desire to get as many players access to the game as possible, hence Control is releasing on PlayStation 4 as well.

However some of this sentiment is raising suspicion given the exclusive content PlayStation 4 players are now getting compared to Xbox players. While Avatar items and Themes don't amount to much, there also appears to be an exclusive mission and a Digital Deluxe version of the game available only on the PlayStation Store, which will presumably bundle the Season Pass with the base game at some sort of discount.

The question is, do you care as much as the growing list of irritated Xbox fans on Reddit? Is it no big deal if other platforms get a bit of content you don't have access to, or does it drive you mad? Does it depend on what the content is? Let us know in the poll below, and be sure to discuss further in the comments.
How Much Does Console Exclusive Extra Content Bother You?
  • I don't think any games should have console exclusive content37.23% (672)
  • I don't think any games should have console exclusive mission content – cosmetics are fine35.96% (649)
  • I don't care about console exclusive content21.72% (392)
  • I enjoy console exclusive content3.55% (64)
  • Other (let us know in the comments!)1.55% (28)
We've had 1805 responses.
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