Minion Masters: Forced to Duel Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 9 days ago
We have just picked up the Minion Masters: Forced to Duel Achievement List.

There are 38 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Minion Masters: Forced to Duel Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Ranked Winner Win 3 Ranked Battles. 25
The Stone League Reach the Stone League. 25
The Silver League Reach the Silver League. 30
The Bronze League Reach the Bronze League. 25
Tactics Study Watch a replay. 25
Supreme! Complete 5 Achievements 25
Spell Slinger Play 5 spells in a row during a Ranked Match and then win. 25
Supreme Crafter Craft a Supreme card. 25
Resource Master Use 100 Resource Tokens. 25
Resource Manager Use 50 Resource Tokens. 25
Resource Gatherer Use 20 Resource Tokens. 25
Rare Crafter Craft a Rare card. 25
Ranked Obliterator Win 100 Ranked Battles. 30
Ranked Master Win 500 Ranked Battles. 35
Ranked Conqueror Win 10 Ranked Battles. 25
Ranked Annihilator Win 50 Ranked Battles. 25
Power Master Use 250 Power Tokens. 25
Power Manager Use 100 Power Tokens. 25
Power Gatherer Use 25 Power Tokens. 25
Novice Collection Acquire a collection of 50 cards. 30
Master Collection Acquire a collection of 100 cards. 35
Legendary! Complete 15 Achievements. 25
Legendary Royale! Complete 30 Achievements. 30
Legendary Crafter Craft a Legendary Card. 25
Know it all Win a Ranked battle with 8 different Masters. 30
Friend Challenger Play a friendly challenge with 3 different friends. 25
Defeat them all Win against 8 different Masters. 25
Deck Maker Create 3 decks. 25
Daily Winner Complete 3 Daily Quests. 25
Daily Obliterator Complete 50 Daily Quests. 25
Daily Master Complete 100 Daily Quests. 30
Daily Conqueror Complete 10 Daily Quests. 25
Daily Annihilator Complete 25 Daily Quests. 25
Common Crafter Craft a Common card. 25
Close one Win a Ranked Battle with less than 100 Health left. 25
Challenge completed! Complete 10 solo challenges. 25
Challenge accepted! Complete 5 solo challenges. 25
Apprentice Collection Acquire a collection of 25 cards. 25
Minion Masters is a fast-paced, easy to learn and hard to master strategy-brawler. Choose your Minion Master and collect your minions for epic 1vs1 & 2vs2 battles with other players.
Minion Masters: Forced to Duel is developed by BetaDwarf ApS and is part of the ID@Xbox program.
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