Minecraft Community Pays Tribute to Notre Dame

By Rebecca Smith, 3 days ago
Many people around the world watched in sorrow as France's most prominent cathedral, Notre Dame, was significantly damaged by fire last night. Luckily many of the building's artifacts and artworks were able to be rescued, and the cathedral's main structure was saved despite the loss of the roof and spire. While the French government has pledged to rebuild the cathedral, the Minecraft community is making sure the cathedral lives on in the virtual world with many community members paying tribute. The cathedral has been a source of inspiration for many players, and some shared their replica builds to make sure the cathedral lives on in the game:

Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Notre Dame

People around the world have pledged to help to rebuild the cathedral, but while the damage is still being fully assessed, tributes continue to pour in from all directions. The Minecraft community will continue to remember the building in their own way.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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