Fallout 76 Heads Underground to The Burrows

By Rebecca Smith, 3 days ago
Patch 8 arrived in Fallout 76 last week and added a new questline and Repair Kits as part of the ongoing Wild Appalachia season. The season continues this week with the arrival of The Burrows, a new dungeon experience. Unfortunately the functional camera that was also supposed to arrive today has been delayed.

The Burrows

The Burrows is a subterranean dungeon experience that tasks players with following in the footsteps of the Brotherhood of Steel, who sent forces into the depths and darkness below Harper's Ferry. An extensive storm drain system exists beneath the town and they became a hangout for vagrants, disillusioned teens, and criminals trying to escape the clutches of the law. When the area was bombed, they became the ideal shelter for wanderers and the town's surviving residents, and they formed an unusual community below the surface. When the Brotherhood detected strange electronic signals in the system, they went to investigate. None of them returned.

The Burrows

Players can begin the Waste Management quest through one of two manhole covers found in Harpers Ferry. The first can be found near the Armory, the second near Highway 65. Down the manholes are dead Brotherhood of Steel scribes, and their corpses hold information that will send you further into the depths. It's a difficult task not suited for the lone adventurer, instead balanced for two or more level 50+ Vault Dwellers, although it is possible to complete alone for those with well-suited gear. The quest itself can only be completed once and will reward loot and experience in return. After that, the dungeon can be repeated for more loot and XP if you choose.

The Burrows is available now, but unfortunately the functional camera that was supposed to arrive today has now been delayed until April 23rd. Two week later on May 7th, player vending will be introduced alongside a new quest, while a new legendary vendor is due to arrive on May 23rd.

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