Xbox One April Update with Easier Uninstall Options Available to All

By Rebecca Smith, 6 days ago
Back in February, players in the Xbox Inside rings got to try out several new features for the next Xbox One update. These included streamlined Xbox Game Pass Quests, an improved uninstall feature, Console Restart added to the Power Menu, reprogrammable Media Remote buttons, and a new mini keyboard function. All of these features are now rolling out to all Xbox One users as part of this month's Xbox One system update.


To recap, these are the features all players will be receiving with the update:

Console Restart will be added to the Power Menu, making it easier for players to power cycle their console if it needs it.

Microsoft is enabling players to reprogram the buttons on their Media Remote so they can launch a specific app when they press the OneGuide button. This can be changed through Settings > Kinect & devices > Media remote.

Mini Keyboard is a new feature that floats over the UI and position itself around text boxes. If players prefer the larger keyboard, that can still be accessed through Settings > Ease of Access > Magnifier > Larger Keyboard.

Microsoft has streamlined Xbox Game Pass Quests by allowing access to them from the dashboard. The quests can also be browsed in My Profile.

The uninstall feature has been improved. When players tried to install a game when their HDD was full, the console used to take them to their Game Collection where they could choose what to remove. However, there was always guess work as to whether you'd managed to free up enough space for the new game. Now the new feature takes players to a page with suggestions for titles to remove, specifically those that will free up enough space for the new title. Once those games have been removed, it will also automatically start installing the new game.
All of these features are rolling out to all Xbox One users right now.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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