Keyboard And Mouse Support Comes To Console Versions Of The Sims 4

By Andy Mills, 2 days ago
A much requested feature for the console versions of The Sims 4 has been the ability to use keyboard and mouse controls. We've known that the folks at Maxis have been working on it since at least November when — following the XO18 event where Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would support keyboard and mouse — it was listed as a 'to be supported' title. Five months on, that support is now available as keyboard and mouse support has arrived for both console versions of the game.

The Sims 4

Keyboard and mouse support isn't the only addition that's been made, so here's v1.14's patch notes in full:

What’s New?

  • Mouse & Keyboard support is available to all console players of The Sims 4. Simply connect your mouse & keyboard of choice and away you go.
    • You may be wondering how to adjust the mouse sensitivity or switch to left handed play. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One handle these settings for you. Just head to the following locations on your console to make changes:
      • PlayStation 4 - Settings > Devices> Mouse
      • Xbox One - Settings > Kinect & devices > Mouse
  • Lunar New Year came a little late to console but now you can extend the celebrations with:
    • New Recipes
      • Vegetable Dumplings - Requires Level 1 Cooking Skill
      • Mud Carp - Requires Level 7 Cooking Skill
    • New Objects
        • Shadow of the Moon Table - A six seat round dining table — perfect for family meals!
        • Moon-Gazing Dining Chair
        • Fiery Moon Gift Centerpiece
        • Wealth of the Moon Envelopes
        • Lucky Citrus Tree of the Moon
        • Paper Lantern of the Wiseacre Moon
        • Symbols of the Watery Moon
        • Sycee of the Prosperous Moon
        • Moon Panda Toy
        • Year of the Pig Statuette
    • New Clothing & Accessories
      • Adults
        • Women
          • 2 dresses
          • 1 pair of fan earrings
          • 1 jade necklace
        • Men
          • 1 jacket
      • Children
        • Girls
          • 1 dress
        • Boys
          • 1 jacket
        • Unisex
          • 1 yin and yang necklace
      • Toddlers
        • Girls
          • 1 dress
        • Unisex
          • 1 hairstyle
          • 1 shirt

    General Issues
    • Sims will no longer be able to lie about employing each other in order to avoid marriage.
    • Fixed an issue where the Audio for the tutorial references skill levels for career progression.
    • Fixed an issue where terrain manipulation might crash the game when players were manipulating to close to the edge…
    • Fixed an issue where clicking various spots with terrain tools would cause an error.
    • The scroll bar in text messages will no longer reset the text field back to the top.
    • Fixed an error that would happen when adding an extended roof to the top of an object.
    • Corrected texture issues for the solid blue pants.
    • Corrected texture issues for rolled jean pants.
    • Corrected shadows that were being added to clothes from a few necklaces.
    • Fixed and error when players would switch between children that were created through genetics.
    • Fixed a few instances where terrain paint would not correct clear when using the bulldoze option in Build.
    • Fixed an error when trying to place a Nightclub on a lot that is smaller than the lot that is provided.
    • The Millie Bobby Brown Sim didn’t know what to wear to attend parties, so we helped her pick out a new outfit.
    • Fixed an error when trying to exit the pool in First Person Camera.
    • Thanks to all the feedback, we have added more ways to customize controls while in 1st Person Mode which you can find under Game Options > Game Camera.
    • 1st Person Mode should no longer terrify you with Sims that have missing heads.
    • Playing basketball on the Skye Fitness lot while in 1st Person Mode won’t require you to restart The Sims 4, so no more excuses for missing that 3 pointer.
    • Adjusting light intensity on items near the top of the lot will not cause the panel to display off screen.
    Get Together
    • Listening to music on the Lin-Z Smart Speaker will now count towards the Listen to Music club rule.
    • Leaf Piles should no longer become stuck in neighborhoods; they should automatically get cleaned up at the start of each winter season.
    • Fixed a clipping issue that occurred when wearing the toddler’s rain boots with certain pairs of pants.
    • Fixed two toddler hats which were causing unintended shadows to appear on the toddler’s eyes.
    Get Famous
    • Fixed a text issue in the 24 hour live stream buff. Please excuse any technical difficulties the stream will be back up shortly.
    • Your Sims acting agent will no longer give you false pay information when completing a gig. Those agents are always trying to skim a little off the top.
    • Fixed a texture issue with the SciFi Helmet and Straight Skirt.
    • Corrected placeholder text on the Celebrity Home lot Moodlet.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Sims from staying longer on a gig to practice their acting skills.
    • Corrected text issue in the Charity Stream Moodlet.
    • Fixed floating Sims while wearing one of the high skirts.
    • Corrected Text issue in the Tiresome Energies buff from the Crystal Healing Helmet
    • Fixed an error when placing Luminary’s Exotic Water Garden on a bulldozed lot.
    Outdoor Retreat
    • Your Sims can now pester… er… visit, any campers of their choosing in Granite Falls.
    • Fixed an error where Sims would get stuck in the Forest Hideaway lot in Granite Falls.
    • Corrected texture issue on Buttoned Pants.
    Go get that keyboard and mouse as quick as you can, because the update is available for The Sims 4 right now!

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