Fable and Splinter Cell Series Receive Xbox One X Enhancements

By Rebecca Smith,
During the latest episode of Inside Xbox, Microsoft had a segment of the show for a Backward Compatible announcement. While the only new title they revealed for Backward Compatibility was Ninja Gaiden II, they did reveal Xbox One X enhancements for that title and five others from the Fable and Splinter Cell franchises.

April 2019 enhancements

All of the following six titles now run at a higher resolution and at 9x the original pixel count, all of which has been managed without touching the game's original code thanks to the Xbox 360 emulator in the Xbox One X console. The list of Xbox One X enhanced games now includes:
The above additions bring the total number of Xbox One X enhanced Backward Compatible games to 62. Click on the following link for a full list of Xbox One X enhanced games.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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