Sea of Thieves The Hunter's Call Brings Fishing, Hunting, and Cooking

By Rebecca Smith, 2 days ago
Sea of Thieves' Anniversary Update is due to arrive on April 30th, and it will be bringing a whole host of gameplay additions and improvements. Those we've seen so far include The Arena PvP mode, new ship damage, and new achievements. In the developer stream, the team revealed another major part of the update known as The Hunter's Call, which will bring along hunting, fishing, and cooking.

The new skills are arriving because Merrick has grown bored of his current pursuits and formed a new Trading Company known as The Hunter's Call, which includes experts on hunting, fishing, and cooking. They aim for all pirates to master these skills and use them to catch rare creatures and cook fine dishes. Rewards will include gold and special rewards such as designs for your fishing rod.

Players can take part in fishing on land or while at sea aboard their ship. You'll lure the fish over with bait and attempt to reel it in without snapping the line. By choosing the right bait and finding the ideal conditions, players can catch the bigger and rarer fish that will "only appear in certain circumstances" and will be "very tricky to catch".

You'll also be able to hunt for food. Players begin as a Fledgling Hunter and as they gather experience, their reputation will be increased within the Trade Company. You can always start with wild pigs and chickens, but more ambitious hunters will move on to snakes and sharks, the apex predators producing highly prized meat. Who dares to take on the Kraken? The new harpoon gun on the ship will surely come in handy, especially as this can also be used to grab chests, barrels, and even other ships.

The game may well have garnered a reputation based around a certain curved yellow fruit, but bananas aren't the only food that pirates will be able to eat. Light a campfire in the wild or prepare your ship's pot to create recipes based on the meat, fish, and fruit you find. Some of these foods become far more effective at healing once they've been cooked, but if you undercook your meal, food poisoning is a real threat.

You can see all of these features in action in the full reveal stream:

Rare's Joe Neate also introduced Tall Tales, a new story-driven quest system that will be heading to the game. It includes nine tales that will come together to tell a single story. Few details were revealed on this, but we're sure we'll hear more about it in the days to come before the update is released on April 30th.

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