UPDATE: Anthem Community Poll Paints a Bleak Picture – 50% Have Already Quit

By Rebecca Smith,
UPDATE FROM THE EDITOR: The poll was undertaken by a member of the r/anthemgame community on Reddit. Given that the community is ostensibly made up of Anthem players enthusiastic enough to participate in the fan community, we felt it was significant that so many respondees offered negative viewpoints. You can see the summary of results here.

Anthem is a game that has divided players. Many are still enjoying the gameplay the loot shooter has to offer, while many others have criticised the game for its bugs and development issues. A recent poll conducted amongst members of the game's subreddit doesn't paint an encouraging picture. Over 50% of those players have already quit playing the game, and few are encouraged by its future.

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Nearly all of the gamers polled (98.4%) had played the game for more than an hour, so few of the answers were from players who had barely spent any time with the game. A total of 70.3% of players had experienced many bugs while they'd been playing the game. Of the polled players, 52.9% stated they had already quit actively playing the game, with a further 28.2% stating they were thinking of quitting too. This was likely to be because 81.4% of players polled thought the future of the game looked concerning, or they didn't like the direction in which it was heading at all.

For a game that relies on keeping players engaged and playing, it paints a bleak picture. When asked what they would change about the game, a lot of players asked for more content of every type, including story content, endgame content, Legendaries, enemy types, weather systems, NPCs, wildlife, a bigger map, and a more dynamic sandbox. However, the most common answer involved changes to the loot system. BioWare was still making changes to the loot system as recently as last week, and now the developer is even looking to recruit a new Senior Systems Designer to specialise in Loot Systems and work on the game.

The full results of the survey can be seen here. Do you agree with the results? What would you change about the game?

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Written by Rebecca Smith
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