Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Everything You Need To Know

By Dave Horobin,
Microsoft announced Xbox Game Pass Ultimate during the latest episode of Inside Xbox. If you missed the news, here's everything you need to know about Microsoft's newly combined subscription service.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

What is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a new subscription from Microsoft that combines Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass into one convenient monthly payment that will allow subscribers to reap all of the benefits of both programs.

Xbox Live Gold Benefits:

Whilst the main benefit of an Xbox Live Gold subscription is the ability to play both competitively and in co-op over Xbox Live, there's the added bonus of downloading four free games every month via Games with Gold and an additional discount on the latest weekly Xbox sales.

Xbox Game Pass Benefits:

Xbox Game Pass gives you unlimited access to over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 backwards compatible games for a monthly subscription fee, as well as giving you a 20% discount on Xbox One game purchases and a 10% discount on all related add-ons for any games within the Xbox Game Pass program.

How Much Does Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Cost?

The price of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is $14.99/month. Pricing for other regions has not been announced yet.

When Can I Buy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is scheduled to release at an as yet unannounced date in 2019. Select Xbox Insiders have the ability to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in early access.

Will Xbox Game Pass Ultimate be Available in My Region?

During early access, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will only be available to Xbox Insiders in the U.S., Canada, the UK and Australia. Early access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is also limited to English-speaking Xbox Insiders.

When Xbox Game Pass Ultimate releases properly in 2019, it will be available in all of the current Xbox Game Pass regions.

How Do I Sign Up for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Early Access?

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate early access is currently only available to select Xbox Insiders on the Alpha, Skip Ahead and Beta rings.

If you are either of those Xbox Insider rings, you can open the Xbox Insider Hub and navigate to the Insider Content section to see if the option to try Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available to you.

As an incentive to joining Xbox Game Pass Ultimate early access, the monthly subscription cost has been reduced to $1 or £1/month.

What Happens to My Existing Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Subscription?

During Xbox Game Pass Ultimate early access, Microsoft will honour any existing months of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass on your account and convert them to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, up to a maximum of 36 months.

The example taken from the Insider FAQs page can be seen below:

For example, if you have 3-months of Xbox Live Gold and 3-months of Xbox Game Pass already in your account and join Ultimate as an Insider, you will be charged $1 for your first month. For subsequent months we will apply 6-months toward your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (up to a maximum of 36-months).

Can I Cancel My Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription?

Absolutely. You can cancel at any time by visiting
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