Fade to Silence Achievement List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Fade to Silence Achievement List.

There are 42 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Fade to Silence Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Supernatural Succor Collect three shards of the same type 15
My Wish Is Your Command Manually assign a task to a follower 15
The Looter Recruit Vic 15
Perfect Parry Block an enemy's attack at the very last moment 15
The Flesh Is Weak Hunt a deer and harvest it for meat 15
Timber! Cut down a tree and harvest it for wood 15
Weather the Elements Survive your first blizzard 15
Self-Made Man Craft an item with your own two hands 15
The Flats Discover the Flats 15
For the Hoard Store an object inside your refuge's stash 15
Sheltered Existence Have your followers construct a hut in your refuge 15
Close the Gates! Have your followers construct palisades and a gate to protect your refuge 15
Mush! Rescue two wolves, construct a kennel and take your new sled for a spin 15
Manifold Destiny Collect three shards of each type 30
I Am Complete Collect all shards 90
Memento Mori Collect all toys for Alice 30
Clean Conscience Cleanse the outposts in the Flats, Peaks, Prairie and Pit 30
Revelation Cleanse the Wreck 30
Insight Cleanse the Glare outpost to access the shuttle 30
Rupture Break the cycle of torment 100
Revisionist Discover both endings 15
Remembrance Recall all suppressed memories in your dreams 30
The Investigator Recruit Rhys 15
The Undertaker Recruit Jin 15
The Survivalist Recruit Gani 15
The Warrior Recruit Tua 15
The Sneak Recruit Ryme 15
The Sniper Recruit Issa 15
The Alchemist Recruit Ezra 15
All the Lonely People Recruit all potential followers throughout your lifetimes 30
Mushier! Get four wolves to pull your sled 15
Mushiest! Get six wolves to pull your sled 30
Make It So Have an adept follower craft better items for you 15
A Gift From a Friend Have an expert follower craft the best items possible for you 15
Small Talk Gain the trust of a follower and have them confide in you 15
Big Talk Gain the full trust of one of your followers 30
True Leader Gain the full trust of all potential followers throughout your lifetimes 90
The Peaks Discover the Peaks 15
The Prairie Discover the Prairie 15
The Wreck Discover the Wreck 15
The Pit Discover the Pit 15
The Glare Discover the Glare 15
FADE TO SILENCE takes players into a frozen, post-apocalyptic world where defying nature’s threats and enemies is key. A compelling mix of a puzzling story, a constant strife for resources, balancing short term needs versus your long term goals, and a tense, atmospheric mood makes this game a unique survival adventure.
Fade to Silence is developed by Black Forest Games and published by THQ Nordic.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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