Cel-Shaded Shooter XIII Receiving A Remake Later This Year

By Andy Mills, 1 month ago
Loosely based on a series of Belgian graphic novels, XIII quickly became a cult classic upon its original release in 2003. It’s success was thanks to its stylish comic-book art style, voice acting that included the likes of David Duchovny and Adam West, an interesting story with quite the cliffhanger and, of course, the onomatopoeias like "BOOOOOOM" and "WHOOOOOSH" hanging in the air.

Players new and old will soon be able to experience the game on current generation consoles as a remake has been announced by Maltese developer PlayMagic and French publisher Microïds. We don’t know how it looks quite yet, but the publisher has released a teaser trailer to get us all excited. Check it out below.

XIII is currently scheduled, appropriately enough, to return on November 13th.

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