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By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Capcom has been providing a series of close-up pieces which focus on different parts of their new action IP Dragon's Dogma. Players take on the role of a nameless adventurer who resides in the modest fishing village of Cassadis.

11/5/11Cassadis 1

11/5/11Cassadis 2

A mysterious dragon attacks the village and steals your heart. As he appears to kill you, the dragon tells you that "You are the chosen one".

11/5/11 Dragon attack 1

11/5/11 Dragon attack 2

Your character returns to life as a "kakusha" (enlightened one), whose destiny is to kill the dragon that stole your heart.

11/5/11 Player's character

Players will also have to take on a mission from King Edmon, a war hero who brought peace to the peninsula by defeating a dragon. However, the dragons are increasing in numbers again, and the King's armies are getting ready for combat.

11/5/11King Edmon 1

11/5/11King Edmon 2

The King resides in Gran Soren Castle with his third wife Eleanor. Although she is a kind person, she is not well suited to the grand castle way of living that comes with her duties as queen.

11/5/11 Gran Soren Castle

11/5/11 Eleanor

Capcom has also introduced two more characters who are set to play an important role in your journey. The first is Kina, your childhood friend. She is always concerned about your safety, and although of a gentle nature, she can be very strong willed at times.


The second is Adaro, the head of Cassadis village. Although he is old, he is remarkably fit for his age, and he plays a fatherly role to both you and Kina.

11/5/11 Adaro

Your character can take on many roles, or "jobs", but Capcom has detailed three of them. The first is the Fighter, who is equipped with a sword and shield. He is extremely good at close range combat and can also use his powerful body as weapons.

11/5/11 Fighter

11/5/11 Fighter screenshot 1

11/5/11 Fighter screenshot 2

The second is the Strider, who is skilled at long range attacks. He is equipped with a bow and arrows, although he also has a short sword for close range combat. Striders move quickly and are more agile.


11/5/11Strider screenshot 1

11/5/11Strider screenshot 2

Finally, the Mage can utilise magic to fight battles and ward off demons. However, casting time and elemental powers will have to be carefully considered in order to succeed.


11/5/11Mage screenshot 1

11/5/11Mage screenshot 2

Dragon's Dogma is due to be released in the early months of 2012.
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