Fallout 76 Camera Lets Players Capture Their World Today

By Rebecca Smith, 1 month ago
Last week, Fallout 76 headed into the depths of The Burrows as Bethesda introduced players to its first dungeon experience. At the same time, players were also supposed to receive a functional camera, but that was delayed as the developer needed "a little more time". Instead, the camera arrives today in the latest update to the game.


Players will be able to acquire a camera from a tourist who didn't manage to survive the Great War. Once you've located them and their camera, you'll receive a quest to complete their "Bucket List" of photos. Players will also face a set of challenges that means you'll be grabbing photos throughout your travels across the wasteland. The camera can be equipped and added to favorites just like any weapon. While looking through the viewfinder, it will even display the names of locations and creatures it will recognise.

Photomode will still be the place to go if you want to add filters, frames, or poses to your photos, but the camera does make it easier to get those perfect action shots, or even just to zoom in on the area to scope it out. All photos will be saved to the Photomode gallery. Of course, if you're taking plenty of photos, you'll need film. That can be created at a Tinker's Workbench, and will also be the place to craft and apply mods such as lenses. You can even create your own camera here if something happens to the first one. At first, the camera will come with a lens that will allow players to zoom in on their subjects, but more lenses will likely be added with future game updates, as well as paints that allow players to customise their camera.


In addition to the camera, the patch introduces the repair kits detailed in Patch 8 and a variety of balance adjustments. You can read the full patch notes here.

You can find the camera and the rest of Patch 8.5's contents in the Appalachian wasteland from today, April 23rd.

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