Elite: Dangerous April Update Eases Beginners in Gently

By Rebecca Smith, 1 month ago
Last month, Elite: Dangerous promised to introduce a series of updates that would improve the game's quality of life and create a more friendly experience for players who were just beginning their journey into a new frontier. One of those updates has arrived today, and it brings along a new beginner's zone, new modules, free additional module slots, a navigation tab, the pilot's handbook, and a whole range of other improvements.

April 2019 Update

The beginner's zone is a collection of systems that can only be accessed by new Pilots who are yet to earn their first Combat, Trade or Exploration rank. There will be simpler missions that the lowest level Sidewinders would be able to complete, and a reduced rebuy rate until that first rank is gained.

All players will benefit from free module slots. Small ships will get two size one Optional Internal slots and medium/large ships will get one Optional Internal slot in addition to the slots that already exist on the ship. These have automatically been applied to all relevant ships today. This is to celebrate the addition of two new modules. The first is the Advanced Docking Computer that lets players dock and automatically undock from stations without being concerned about getting stuck in the mail slot. This module can be found in all newly-purchased small ships as standard. The second module is the Supercruise Assist. Players can set a destination, and the module will maintain the correct speed and approach while coming out of Supercruise at exactly the right time. The module also allows players to enter orbit around a body and will come in all newly-purchased ships as standard.

After the cockpit was revamped in the Beyond - Chapter 4 update, the Navigation Panel has now received some alterations. There's a new column for activities, mission targets, plotted routes, Wanted status, and an indication for threat levels that are too high. A popup will then provide more information on these, like faction details, star class, and information of resources. The new Pilot's Handbook will also offer a lot of information, including on many of the activities players in which can take part.

There are plenty more improvements in the patch too. To see a full list, you can check out the full patch notes, or you can see the update in action in the developer stream below. The stream begins at 13:25.

The April Update is available now.

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