Anthem's Shrinking Player Base is Wrecking Matchmaking

By Rebecca Smith, 3 months ago
Anthem players got a new activity last week in the form of The Sunken Cell, a new Stronghold. Despite bringing some players back into the game, as seen on our Xbox Gameplay Chart, it seems like it hasn't been enough to solve matchmaking problems that are starting to appear throughout the game, according to Forbes, where it's becoming more and more difficult to matchmake full teams for certain activities.


The main issue is matchmaking on higher difficulties, such as GM2 and GM3. In a game where farming loot is the main attraction, players will find ways of doing this in the most efficient way possible. Due to issues with scaling, you can get more loot for running the same content numerous times on GM1 difficulty than you would running it once on GM3 in the same space of time, and it's driving players away from the higher diffculties.

Favourite loot farming activities are also starting to emerge. You'll likely have no problem finding a team to play the GM1 Heart of Rage Stronghold for more legendary loot, because it's a simple activity with high rewards. Other activities, including legendary missions, contracts, free play, and the game's other strongholds can be more hit and miss. When you add dwindling player figures into the mix, it seems like BioWare needs to do something quickly.

The problem is that there is very little content arriving anytime soon. Because of continued problems with their loot system, all new content due to arrive over the next month has been delayed, including the Mastery System, Guilds, more Legendary Missions, Weekly Stronghold Challenges, Leaderboards, Freeplay Events, and the Cataclysm. Only BioWare knows what plans they have to engage players over the coming weeks and months, and as always, we'll let you hear as soon as we know more.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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