Fortnite Patch Shrouds Players in Shadows

By Rebecca Smith, 4 months ago
Last week's Fortnite content update introduced an Avengers: Endgame crossover. That continues onwards with the addition of new items in the in-game store, such as the Marvel’s Star-Lord Outfit, Star-Lord Pack Back Bling, Guardian Axe pickaxe, and The Milano Glider, so this week's update takes a bit of a back seat in comparison. Still, it adds an item so that Battle Royale players can shroud themselves in shadows and become invisible for a little while.

Battle Royale players get the Shadow Bomb. The item turns players invisible for six seconds, although players start to become more visible towards the end of that period. It also increases movement speed and allows players to double jump and wall jump, but players can't attack, build, or loot while they're invisible. The item is meant as a means of escape from a tight situation, rather than an opportunity to build an ambush.

Meanwhile, Save The World players get a high-damage Duet assault rifle that has a large magazine capacity. Finally, Creative players also get the use of Shadow Bombs, as well as new Prefabs based on the game's restaurants and diners. For a full list of all of the changes made in patch v8.51, check out the full patch notes.

Patch v8.51 is available now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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