Tannenberg Continues the WW1 Game Series on Xbox One

By Rebecca Smith,
M2H's WW1 Game Series aims to give players realistic shooter experiences from that time period, complete with historically accurate squads and weapons. They kicked off the series with Verdun two years ago, and the second installment is now making its way to Xbox One too. Tannenberg takes players into the eastern European countries between 1914 and 1918 to show just how different conflict was in those regions.

Tannenberg places players in the middle of the World War 1 battle between Germany, Russia, and their allies, but if you were expecting similar gameplay to Verdun where you need to attack and defend trench lines, you'll be surprised. The war in the east took on a different nature, and players will get more open environments that give a choice of areas to attack. Each of those areas offers a different strategic benefit, such as high points for better visibility, or cutting off other enemy sectors. Eventually you'll need to take down the enemy headquarters if you're to succeed in your mission.

Tannenberg is due to arrive on Xbox One this winter. Before then, there will be a big update to Verdun to bring it in line with the PC version. This means there will be new squads, maps, bots, and other improvements that the Xbox One version has yet to receive. As soon as we hear more about this update, we'll be sure to let you know.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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