New Vending Machines Coming Soon to Fallout 76

By Rebecca Smith, 2 months ago
Patch 9, otherwise known as the "Ever Upwards!" update, is due to arrive next week in Fallout 76. Amongst the new content it will be adding are Pioneer Scout missions, backpacks, new vending machines, updates to the survival scoreboard, and weapon adjustments. While the former two features have already been previewed, the remaining three features have received a preview this week.

Vending Machines

Players will be able to add personal Vending Machines to their C.A.M.P.s. Players can move items they don't want from their Stash and choose the Cap price at which they wish to sell them. The items will remain in your Stash until they're sold but will be marked with a special icon. When another player purchases an item, you'll get a notification, and you'll get 90% of the item's Cap sale price deposited into your balance. The remaining 10% of the price will help to "maintain a healthy in-game economy". As long as players aren't Wanted, their Vending Machines will appear to all players on the map. You'll also be able to see the number and types of items those players have for sale.

Later in the month, a new Mole Miner vendor known as the Purveyor will be added to the game. She'll sell Legendary items for Legendary Scrip, a new type of currency. Before her arrival, players can start accumulating Legendary Scrip through new Legendary Exchange Machines that will appear at Train Stations with the introduction of Patch 9. These machines convert unwanted legendary items into Scrip. The higher the star rating of the unwanted item, the more Scrip it will be worth.

Vending Machines

The Survival Mode Scoreboard will be receiving an update in Patch 9 with the introduction of Survival Score as the new primary stat. The aim is to "offer a more well-rounded way to evaluate your feats, while also giving PVP-focused players a clear way to rise through the rankings and chase the excitement of fending off challengers". Bethesda released a breakdown of how Survival Score will work:

  • You will receive one Survival Point for every Experience Point you earn while playing in the Survival Beta.
  • The total number of Survival Points you currently have will determine your placement on the Scoreboards. The three players with the highest Survival Scores will be highlighted on the Map.
  • On death, your Survival Score will be reset to zero.
  • When you kill another player, 75% of the Survival Points they had prior to death will be added to your Survival Score. For example: If your Survival Score is 500 and you kill a player whose Score is 1,000, they will lose all their Points and you will receive 750, for a new Survival Score of 1,250.
In terms of weapon adjustments, Plasma Guns will see their base damage increased by 30%, while base Enclave Plasma Gun damage will be increased by 10-30%. Explosive Shotguns will be fixed so they no longer deal double damage, as well as showing the correct damage numbers in the Pip-Boy. In terms of crafting, players can now create 20 Flamer Fuel items at once (increased from 5 items), while they'll be able to create 25 Cryo Cells at once (increased from 15 items).

Patch 9 is due to arrive next week on May 7th. A few weeks later, Bethesda plans to add display cases to C.A.M.P.s so players can show off items they've collected, like weapons, bobbleheads, and magazines. Meanwhile, the Purveyor is due to arrive on May 23rd.

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