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By DavieMarshall, 7 years ago
Sorry for the delay this week but a hiccup in the news system meant nothing could be posted for a number of hours. However, taking time out to talk to me this week is resident TA'er Theundeadgod. We'll once again be poking and prodding our candidate in a bid to get them to give up interesting stories and anecdotes for our Sunday reading pleasure.

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DavieMarshall: So thanks for sparing the time to talk to me for this week's Community Interview!

TheUnDeadGod: Thank you for taking the time to interview me, i was really surprised when i had an PM through saying you wanted to interview me.

D: What was the inspiration for your omnipotent Gamertag?

TUG: Well there isn't really any inspiration in it, it was originally my Bebo username, that i just stood there on the spot trying the think of a name no-one would use and this is the one of the first that came to my head, the first one being Super Monkey Butler.

D: And continuing to build up our background knowledge, where abouts are you from?

TUG: I hail from a small town of Sudbury in the county of Suffolk about an hour and a half drive from the capital London

D: Are you happy living in Suffolk? Plenty to do, or would you prefer to move toward the capital?

TUG: I am happy living here its a nice place and i have friends here so i couldn't move even if i tried. As for plenty to do well no not really.
But i always thought if i make it big in the world it might actually get my town on the map sort of thing.

D: In your PM you told me you’re currently studying IT. As an ICT Technician by trade I have to ask which area you’re studying.

TUG: That's the tricky one, it's kinda like asking Lindsay Lohan which one of her movies doesn't suck, i guess the course im doing really covers all aspects of IT from Networking to Games design and everything in between, well maybe not surfboarding

D: And where would you like to take IT in the future?

TUG: Well that's the thing i have no idea, i'm not sure taking IT was a good idea, i have refered to my decision in the past as sort of opening up the course book and throwing a dart at it, luckily it wasn't hairdressing. I mean my ideal job would be a musical comedian, because i play and write music and i have done stand up in the past so i thought why not combine the two together.

D: I think ‘musical comedian’ is one of the most overlooked avenues of ICT! Who or what inspires you to head in this direction? The only musical comedian I can think of from the top of my head is Bill Bailey. Or maybe Weird Al Yankovic? Am in the right kind of ball park or am I being ignorant?

TUG: You could say that, and i don't know where my inspiration comes from i guess it would be from Tim Minchin, an Austrailian musical comedian people need to be aware of his genius! Just like him, i don't try to be funny it just happens to be. I used to write parodies of popular music thats sort of how i started out then i got bored of that and start working on my own material.

D: Do you have any material at the moment?

TUG: As in comedywise or musical wise? I mean i get alot of my material from events that have happened to me or in the news, i mean half of the things i talk about are normally a spur of the moment thing.
I do have times where i think of interesting things and i have to jot them down otherwise i tend to forget.

D: Do you have any other interests and hobbies which occupy your time?

TUG: Yeah i do have alot of interests, i currently play in a band, i like writing movie scripts and writing songs, i film short movies. And of course i like to game.

D: An interesting collection of interests! Let’s start with the band! What is the group called and how many are involved?

TUG: Well that's the thing my old band which i'm still in but we had a gig last year and that was sort of a farewell gig, but we still practice.
So me and the bassist of my old band decided to start a side project which doesn't have an official name for the moment but we are trying new material out.

D: And what is your role in the band?

TUG: I play lead guitar, and drums in a few tracks, we like to have a change so in the middle of gigs we have to get up and move about, like and onstage version of musical chairs.

D: What kind of music do you guys play? Covers or originals?

TUG: We always play original stuff on stage, but alot of covers behind the scenes. I mean my old band got described in an interview as a british Paramore.

D: Do you gig often?

TUG: Well my old band we had a gig every once in awhile, i mean i 2006 when the band had it's sort of breakthrough, where we did a mini tour.
We played places like Liverpool, Manchester and the Download festival on the "Snickers Bowl" stage. With my new band we are still practicing eith stuff but are looking to gig soon.

D: How do you cope with nerves before playing? Is it something you find easy to control?

TUG: Well the strange thing with me is i'd rather stand on a stage and play or perform to thousands of people that i've never met
but as soon as you add in people i've heard of thats when i start getting nervous. I've never really had a problem with performing to a large audience as i have done so from a young age.

D: Have you ever suffered a blank when you’re playing, forgetting what on earth to play next? That would my biggest fear.

TUG: No not really, i mean the biggest advantage of playing your own material is that no-one has heard it before so any mess ups you do make can easily be passed off as part of the song
"So what was that 3 minutes pause?" "oh that was meant to be like that"

D: Which band or artist do you find you connect with the most?

TUG: This is the part were the nation judges you *gives the two finger salute* but i would have to say Green Day, i've listen to them ever since i bought a copy of Nimrod in 1997 and have loved all of their songs ever since. And last year i got to see them live and they are phenomenal. They really know how to get the crowd involved! And their music varies, from a song about masochism (Jinx) to songs about hating the modern age (American Eulogy) and everything in between. I mean i like how we can sing along to an album of there's (American Idiot or 21st Century Breakdown) not knowing that we are singing a story, if that makes sense.

D: If forced to pick your favourite songs what would they be?

TUG: Well my favourite song of all time is Paper Lanterns by Green Day (no surprise there) as the song is about a guy who likes this girl but she is always going out with another guy, but he is asking her if she has feelings for him, i used to get that alot.

D: Do you still buy music in ‘traditional’ hard copy format, or are you an advocate of the digital revolution, such as iTunes and Spotify?

TUG: I don't personally care as long as i have a copy of the song in my grimy mitts it doesn't really matter.

D: Now, about the short movies. How did the interest in these come about when you’re doing a course in IT?

TUG: Well IT didn't really have much say in this as i was making movies before i started the course although it has introduced into more editing software.

D: How many short films have you directed to date?

TUG: I don't really keep count but it's alot, im currently working on a film that i hope to be about 90 minutes, i just need some decent and kind enough actors who would be willing to dress up is silly costumes and have some fun.

D: Do you have one in particular that you’re most proud of? Could you give us a short run through of it?

TUG: My most proudest film, was one that i worked on at a new years eve party, it was a Saw spoof, which involved people tied up with string instead of chains and obvious things like the key is in your hand, you have 60 seconds to find the key, and then them still struggling to find the key and dying. It wasn't anything special but it was hilarious to watch back.

D: Let’s talk a little about gaming now! How young were you when you started gaming, and which console did you love affair with the pixel begin?

TUG: I started gaming when i was about 4 years old, although back then it was more word games played, on a tape games console.

D: If your four year old self had been able to earn achievements, what might your first achievement unlocked have been?

TUG: "Get A Life" achievement worth 0G it's basically said your going to grow into something of a loser and probably not make much of your life.
But this is where i show that achievement that i can game and be famous at the same time...kinda.

D: OK, slightly odd choice there. Did you get easily addicted to games as a child?

TUG: It wasn't until i got an N64 that i started getting into games properly, i went into Toys 'R' Us and played Banjo Kazooie, and i was playing it for about 3 hours in the store and the only was my mum could get my to go home was to buy it for me, which from then i started playing games regularly.

D: What do you remember most fondly from your childhood of gaming? The chunky controllers unfit for most human hands? The incredibly lo-def and restricted colour pallet experience? Ah, so many fond memories!

TUG: Well the console of the Nintendo 64, i swear it was designed for someone with three hands, i mean have you seen it? It wasn't too long ago i tried playing a game for the Playstation one, and my eyes started hurting
i couldn't cope. My brain probably couldn't handle the nostalgia.

D: Do you have any games you wish were still playable on the Xbox 360 now?

TUG: There are a few games. I mean the first game i actually played for hours and really got into it was a game called ToonStruck, which is like a point and click adventure game with Christopher Lloyd in it, and i would really like to see that remastered and released onto console.

D: How about your current set up? Can we have a picture and a description?

TUG: No, i mean yeah sure you can but it really isn't anything special i don't have a great TV but it works for me and i like it.

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D: Do you manage to spend enough time with your Xbox as you’d like? You seem to have a very packed schedule!

TUG: No, i mean there is never enough time for gaming but if i don't do the stuff i am supposed to do i get moaned at by either my parents, my band manager or a hobo on the street, because he always has a habit of moaning at me for some reason.

D: Which game of the current Xbox catalogue do you find the most addictive, if any? Is there a game, or games, in particular which you can sit down to play for an hour and then curse the loss of a whole afternoon over?

TUG: There have been many games that i have constantly played for a very long time, most are games such as GTA and Saints Row, but the most recent is Homefront because of their Expert Of War achievement. Damn them!

D: Have you recently played any titles which have been a big let down?

TUG: Test Drive Unlimited 2, i watched the trailers for it and was disappointed when it came to playing the game, there was alot of the game unexplained it was more like this is a racing game you know the drill. But the strange thing was at the start of the game you choose a character and it happens to be your birthday, so that means at that one party it was 4 peoples birthdays all at the same day and at the same party. And i feel you spend more time changing your outfit then racing.

D: In the situation where a game is truly awful or just not enjoyable, how committed are you to the cause for achievements and completion? Will you stick with it?

TUG: There are some truely awful games out there *cough* Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Burning Earth *cough* but it's usually the awful games that have an easy 1000G so that's there master plan they make and awful game but they reel you in with a promise of an easy 1000G, it's a clever system.

D: What games hold the most promise for you this year? We’ve had some massive releases already. Portal 2, Brink and LA: Noire’s release date is now countable in mere hours!

TUG: Portal 2, but that's already released so that doesn't count but there are a massive about of games i want including the ones above plus Arkham City, Skyrim and Gears Of War 3. I'll be broke for months

D: How closely does TrueAchievements link in with your gaming lifestyle? Do you avidly use the solutions here, or perhaps contribute your own when playing games?

TUG: Yeah, when i play a new game and start getting stuck i go straight on here, although i feel that the solutions may not be that descriptive. I do contribute if i find an easier way or a glitch that may save time etc.

D: When buying a game that you’re unsure of, or hold no opinion on, where do you to form your opinion? Do you use TA’s reviews and ratings, or seek out information elsewhere?

TUG: I do read reviews but then some people can be harsh on reviews, for example last years release of Rogue Warrior i thought was a good game but got rated really poorly. But i usually rent games im unsure about to avoid wasting precious cash.

D: Can you remember what caused you to sign up with TA? You joined in 2009 I see from your profile.

TUG: All i remember is Googling achievement guide and this website popped up and i read through it and i thought you run a pretty good system
so i joined up, then i started to get my friends to join up and adding me as a referral so i could become "seemingly" popular.

D: Upon joining TA did you approach to gaming change thanks to the badge system?

TUG: I like the badge system it's a good system, i'm ratio is the hardest to achieve highly, and i like seeing my ranking on the site
I'm actually a site promoter and i'm donating as soon as i have £10 spare!

D: I can see you run a blog on TA too. To me it rings a little of a ‘grumpy old man’ ala Jeremy Clarkson. Some of things which drive you to distraction are quite humourous! Your blog detailing your first experience of Chatroullete is a worthwhile short read! Would you say most things make you grumpy quite easily!

TUG: Well i'm not sure about grumpy, but i guess it's more of people hype things up and it annoys me when things don't turn out how you expect.
So i thought even is blogging nowadays so i thought i better keep with the times. So my first blog was just getting things off my chest and i wasn't expecting anyone to read it or in fact follow it and ask for more. I mean the blog wasn't intended to be funny, so random events i like to vent about. And then since then i have an official blog page, and a handful of followers.

D: Even your opening blog post manages to bemoan your PC’s monitor within the first few lines! Do you follow any other blogs here at TA?

TUG: Yeah that's because it was bothering me and i thought i get my own back on it through an internet blog, so it could be publicly humilated, although im sure my monitor has no worries about this. He's a good guy, he just needs to learn his place. Erm.. no i don't follow any blogs at the moment, but that doesn't mean i haven't read any.

D: Am I right in saying you running a Vlog (Video Blog) elsewhere on the internet? I seem to recall you mentioning this in your PM?

TUG: Yeah i have started to Vlog on my mobile which i have a youtube page set up for such necessities, i have yet to upload, but watch this space for more info. New YouTube channel is www.youtube.com/BrainStewedStudios. Which i will have two new videos up by the end of the week.

D: Well hopefully our little chat has been OK and I won’t be the subject of your next blog's little moan!

TUG: I have already thought of many things that i could say about this tortuous interview, no i kid it was good.. kinda

D: I think we’ve covered a lot of ground and a lot of subjects in this interview. It’s always nice to talk to someone who has a host of topics and hobbies they can talk about beyond the Xbox. Is there anything else you’d like to squeeze in to your final statement!

TUG: It's been great talking to you and i hope the world won't judge me too harshly. If you would like to support me then:

Official Blog: http://theundeadgod.blogspot.com/
YouTube Pages: www.YouTube.com/Demonfreak3000

I'm just plugging everything i think of, so just read, watch and leave a sexy little comment. If you don't like anything then don't bad mouth it just ignore it.

Thank you once again.

If you think you'd make a good read on the front page next Sunday, then you know what to do by now, surely? What, you need another reminder? Go on then. I'll be back next Sunday with 'the goods' once again. Now go play some games!

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