New Call of Duty Will Be Revealed By The End of June

By Rebecca Smith,
With April recently ending, we're hearing from lots of companies about their financial performance over the last year. One of those companies is Activision, and in the earnings call that accompanied the reveal, they stated that the next Call of Duty game would be revealed by the end of Q2 2019. That means the game will be revealed anytime between now and June 30th.

Modern Warfare Remastered screenshot

Most of the rumours swirling around the newest title seem to think it will be called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4. It supposedly won't have zombies or battle royale, will have a campaign, and will feature back-to-basics multiplayer. Of course, there's also the matter of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered, a title that PEGI outed back in March. Where does that fit in?

We're likely to see these rumours be confirmed or denied during a separate reveal event away from E3, seeing as the publisher prefers to hold a special reveal event so the game isn't sharing the spotlight with anything else. What we do know is that the game will be arriving in Q4 2019 but whether that will be the October slot chosen for Black Ops 4 or whether it is its usual November slot remains to be seen.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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