Original Claptrap Voice Actor Not Returning For Borderlands 3

By Andy Mills,
Love him or hate him, Claptrap is certainly one of the most memorable characters in the Borderlands series. The short robot will be returning in Borderlands 3 but fans may have noticed that he sounds a little different. That's because the original voice actor, David Eddings, will not be reprising the role in the upcoming game, and will instead be voiced by seasoned voice actor Jim Foronda.


The issue that has caused this split has come down to compensation. At the time of Borderlands and Borderlands 2, Eddings worked at Gearbox as the vice president of business development and licensing and provided the voice of Claptrap for free. Now that he is no longer with the company — he works as head of game publishing at Rooster Teeth — he asked to be paid for the performance, only to find that they "couldn't afford him".

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, never one to stay quiet, responded to Borderlands fans on Twitter by saying that Eddings was paid generously during his employment at the studio and was made a "relatively generous offer" to reprise the role. Pitchford would then go on to say that the offer was "2x scale" — although this conflicts with a statement given to IGN where a Gearbox spokesperson said Eddings had been offered an "industry standard rate" — and said that Eddings was "bitter and disgruntled" about [his job] being terminated at Gearbox.

For what it's worth, Eddings seems to bear no ill will to the rest of the folks at Gearbox, saying that the studio is full of "amazingly talented game developers" and not to blame those employees because of Pitchford.

It's a shame an acrimonious split has cost a memorable character their original voice, but we wish Jim Foronda the best of luck replacing Eddings for Borderlands 3. Players will be able to judge for themselves when the game releases on September 13th.

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