New Ghost Recon Game to Be Revealed Tonight – Watch With Us!

By Sam Quirke,
The new Operation Oracle content for Ghost Recon Wildlands dropped at the end of last week, and thanks to a free weekend everyone had a chance to get their Tom Clancy fix. A curious easter egg in the new content fuelled rumours of an imminent Clancy related announcement. Ubisoft has now confirmed the theory.

This delisted YouTube video, only available in the US, is the end of a breadcrumb trail that started with an in-game poster. That poster invited players to attend a conference for Skell Technology, the company behind this video. The time and date for the conference? May 9th, 2019, at 11:30am Pacific.

Ubisoft has now officially confirmed that the reveal will be for a new Ghost Recon title, via an official site for Skell. The company appears to specialise in state-of-the-art robotics, but the headline on that page is a big Ghost Recon logo and a confirmation of the above date and time. Some of the images scrolling in the background seem to suggest the company is also involved in renewable energy and some sort of cell coverage, but it's difficult to say for sure.

There has been no official or leaked information about a release schedule, but a March 2020 launch makes sense — it would be the three-year anniversary of Wildlands, plus it would fill the gap in Ubisoft's schedule between the rumoured Watch Dogs 3 later this year and the inevitable Assassin's Creed expected in late 2020.

You can watch the stream on May 9th with us right here, when it goes live:

Credit to PCGamesN for hunting down the clues.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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