Minecraft AR Game Teased, More To Be Revealed May 17th

By Sam Quirke,
Years ago now, Microsoft hinted at the possibility of a Minecraft augmented-reality game made possible through their AR glasses, known as HoloLens. That project never fully came to fruition, and thanks to improved mobile phone tech the goggles seem unnecessary — Pokémon, Harry Potter and Jurassic Park have managed to deliver an AR experience through most modern cellphones. It makes sense that the Minecraft project would be moved to a similar app, and the sneaky tease at the end of Microsoft's Build keynote confirms it. Skip to 2:18:53 for the brief teaser.

According to that teaser, we will find out more on May 17th via Minecraft.net, which just leaves us with lots of questions. What mechanics from the regular game will transition to AR? Will we have shared worlds? And most importantly... is this version going to have another separate achievement list?

We'll find out more in just over a week.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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