There's a Chance to Get Gems of War's "Game Breaker" Achievement This Week

By Sam Quirke,
Puzzle RPG Gems of War is addictive but full of challenges based entirely on luck, including many of its achievements. While this week's news won't guarantee an unlock, it will certainly improve your chances.


The achievement we're concerned with this week is:

Gems of WarGame BreakerThe Game Breaker achievement in Gems of War worth 11 pointsUnlock the troop "Mongo"
Mongo is an Epic troop type, which means that the chances of it turning up in random loot are very, very slim. However as eagle-eyed TA community member Finnan spotted, Mongo is featured in this week's summons if you are able to craft brown summoning stones — reducing the RNG chance from an unknown (but likely huge) figure to just 1 in 8. Here's their screenshot from the game today:


A brown summoning stone will set you back 50 brown jewels and 100 soul stones, and you will need to have unlocked the Soulforge to even unlock this crafting. In other words, don't expect to hop into this free game now and pop the achievement straight away.

Mongo will be craftable via a brown summoning stone until midnight Pacific time this coming Sunday, May 12th. After that, you're back to hoping for the best..

We've got the full list of Gems of War achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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