Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Leaks Through Ubisoft Store Listing

By Kevin Tavore,
If Ubisoft is known for anything, it's leaking games on airplanes. But when they're not doing that, they're developing series that have captured the love of fans everywhere. Ghost Recon is one such series, and the latest game, Wildlands, was an unqualified success. Fans have been speculating quietly about what's next in the series, and it seems Ubisoft is looking to return to its roots as the latest game has recently leaked on Ubisoft's official store.


Ghost Recon Breakpoint, they call it. So what's it about? Frankly, we don't know beyond the official teases from yesterday. The listing has already been pulled from its official source so all we're left with is speculation and an interesting Reddit post. That post leaked the game before Ubisoft did, so it's possible there's some truth to it. Buyer beware and all, but here it is in full:

Hi guys, new Ghost Recon is coming are you excited?

It's Ghost Recon Breakpoint, seems to be a story driven 4 player experience against Cole D. Walker(gone rogue) and his army of mostly weaponized drones. Is coming out on October 4th this year, PC PS4 and XBOX.

No news about the multiplayer yet, but there will be a deluxe edition called "Wolves".

There will be gameplay reveal too but flaired as "alpha footage" so I guess nothing final. It's showing a sequence in quite nice jungle, with mud mechanics, then to clearing an outpost.

So far it seems the game will be fun, what do you think?

Cheers, Brushie

PS. Sorry, no screenshots this time :/
Who's Brushie? That's unclear too, but he got at least part of the game right and everything so far seems reasonable. The game is definitely real in any event, and that means we're likely to hear all about during tomorrow's livestream, which you can watch below when it begins at 11:30am PDT. We'll keep you up to date until then if anything else falls through the cracks.

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