Volcano Eruption Brings New Locations to Fortnite Season 9

By Rebecca Smith, 12 days ago
The start of a new season in Fortnite usually brings major map changes, a new Battle Pass, weapons, and plenty of other alterations for players to enjoy. Season 9 is no exception, and last week's volcano eruption has indeed led to the emergence of two new locations amidst a plethora of other changes that include Slipstreams, Fortbytes, more limited time modes, and new missions.

During last week's Unvaulted event, the Battle Royale volcano erupted and destroyed Tilted Towers. The damage didn't last for long, though. The builders were sent in to completely reconstruct the area as Neo Tilted, a futuristic city with plenty of neon that takes obvious inspiration from Neo-Tokyo. Retail Row has also been replaced with a new massive shopping mall known as Mega Mall. The mall allows players to explore the shops and offers plenty of secrets to uncover. Finally, the volcano has finally been dubbed Pressure Plant.

Both of the new locations have plenty of Slipstreams, a new wind transportation system that throws players, projectiles, and vehicles around the map. In terms of weapons, there's a new Combat Shotgun, and Grenades have been removed from the Vault. However, Clingers, Buried Treasure, the Pump Shotgun, the Poison Dart Trap, the Scoped Revolver, the Suppressed Assault Rifle, the Thermal Assault Rifle, and Balloons have all been added to the Vault. For Limited Time Modes, Trios, Solid Gold, and One Shot have been added to the rotation.

There's a brand new Battle Pass that brings more than 100 new rewards to unlock, including dual pickaxes, a robo kitty, and flying disc toys. Those who purchase the pass will instantly unlock the Sentinel and Rox progressive Outfits. Other Outfits to be unlocked along the way include Bunker Jonesy, Vega, Stratus, and Demi, before culminating at Tier 100 with the Vendetta outfit. New to the pass are Fortbytes, collectible computer chips that will decrypt an image that promises to reveal the secrets of Season 9 and give additional rewards. The pass will cost 950 V-bucks once again.

Wargames have been introduced to Save The World. The new Stormshield mission simulations pit players against a base-destroying tornado, volcanic hot spots, anomaly rifts, and the absence of a Storm Shield. The simulations can also be modified for players looking for an extra challenge. Two more heroes have also been added in the form of Mythic Constructor Black Knight Garridan and Dinosaur Ninja Paleo Luna.

Finally, Creative players also get their own version of Neo Tilted to be used in their creations with Prefabs, Building Galleries, a Prop Gallery, a Car Gallery, and a Hologram Gallery now available, as well as Neo Tilted elements added to existing galleries. Hover Platforms and a Creature Manager have also been added.

For a full list of all of the changes made in patch v9.00, check out the full patch notes. The patch is available now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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