Reverse Friendly Fire Combats Griefing in Rainbow Six Siege

By Rebecca Smith, 12 days ago
Like all team-based games, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege has had issues with players griefing others through team killing. This week's patch took the first step to combatting this issue by introducing a new set of rules known as Reverse Friendly Fire.

Reverse Friendly Fire does exactly what it says on the tin. Players who try to intentionally injure or kill their team mates by shooting them, using gadgets, throwing explosives, or using the harmful effects of drones and cameras will instead find themselves damaged by their own equipment. Ubisoft Montreal put together a handy little infographic to explain exactly what they mean. For more details, check out the full patch notes.

This release of Reverse Friendly Fire is not the final version of the function. As players give feedback and the development team studies player data, they'll be making changes and releasing future iterations as time goes on. In the future, they may introduce penalties for the whole squad, as well as making tweaks to how gadgets behave under the new rules. The next iteration is due during Year 4 Season 2, but for now, the first version of the rules is available now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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