Poll: Should Governments Intervene Regarding Video Game Loot Boxes?

By Mark Delaney, 11 days ago
Happy Friday TA! Last week's poll asked about the early entires into the Video Game Hall of Fame. With a dozen inductees spanning the entire lifespan of the medium, there were many genres and series covered, with surely many more to come in the years ahead. We asked which game or series you felt most deserved its induction. The favorite around here? Half-Life, which took in 20% of the votes all on its own. In second place was Super Mario Kart with 19% and rounding out the top three was the ubiquitous, unavoidable Microsoft Solitare with 17%.

This week, we're discussing the news of yet another federal government opening up a dialogue — at least — about video game loot boxes. This time it's US Senator John Hawley (R-MO) who wants to ban loot boxes and pay-to-win mechanics in games like Candy Crush and more. Few come to the defense of such practices, but is government regulation and lawmaking the route you'd like to see them dealt with? It's a complex issue, so don't leave with just a vote placed. Sound off in the comments and let's consider the many sides to the debate.
Should governments intervene regarding video game loot boxes?
  • Yes, ban them43.37% (1423)
  • Keep them but regulate them30.2% (991)
  • No, leave the industry to figure it out24.26% (796)
  • Other2.16% (71)
We've had 3281 responses.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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