Battlefield V Firestorm Duos Removed Because of Low Player Numbers

By Rebecca Smith, 8 days ago
Battlefield V's Firestorm mode made its debut in March with solo mode and four-player squads. The limited time Duos mode was added in April, and players enjoyed it so much that the mode was added as a more permanent fixture. Unfortunately it seems like that initial player support has waned, because DICE has now announced that Duos has been removed from the rotation due to low player numbers.

Squad Campaign

Since Duos was introduced permanently, players have instead headed back into Squads mode. With falling player numbers, DICE has decided to revert back to their original plan of having the mode as a limited time game mode. The team promises the mode will return in the future, although when that will be remains to be seen. What we do know is that the Rented Server Program will soon be making its appearance in Battlefield V, although it will be renamed as "Private Games".

Private Games will let players rent their own servers either through the main menu of the game or through a new web service the team is developing. As long as players are using that server, it will remain online, but if nobody uses it, it will vanish. The server will be located at "the closet ping site to you" and will be stored on the game's own server infrastructure, although server configs are stored locally. A list of features due to arrive in the first phase of Private Games can be found here. The base features of the Private Games functionality will be free to all players, although there is no word on which of those features are considered "base level". Private Games will arrive this summer.

Before that there will be a limited time mode variant arriving later this week on May 16th for players to enjoy. Fortress is a variant of Breakthrough, where there's only one sector with several flags. The attackers must assault the position and raise the flags, while the defenders must use tactics and fortifications to stop them doing this.

Firestorm Watchtowers

More Firestorm features will arrive on May 21st with three new locations. The first is Watchtowers, found between Baldr’s Point and Guderos on the southwest coastline and now a valuable strategic point. The trees in the "secluded" second area of Blue Forest are in blossom unnaturally early, and it is thought this is related to "recent geological activity". Finally, the third area is the mountainous Excavation Site on Halvøy, found south east of the quarry. Also due to be added are Gold Tier weapons, such as the Boys AT Rifle, otherwise known as the "elephant gun" that can attack enemies and vehicles. These will be found in safes, lockers, and supply drops.

The following week on May 30th, the team will introduce a new Mercury map based in the Mediterranean coast of the island of Crete. Players will recreate the events of Operation Mercury as the Allied and Axis forces take on the vertical terrain. Moving into the next month, the Outpost multiplayer mode will arrive on June 13th. Here, the two teams will compete to build radio towers and recruit new team members. The radio towers can be upgraded using toolboxes, but they can also be destroyed by enemy explosives.

Finally, future Chapter 3: Trial by Fire content includes two more Elite soldiers, although we're not exactly sure when they're arriving. As soon as we hear anyting, we'll be sure to let you know.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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