RAGE 2 Plans Content for the Months Ahead

By Rebecca Smith, 8 days ago
RAGE 2 will hit retailers tomorrow, but the launch is just the start of months of content that will follow players into the wasteland. Avalanche Studios, id Software, and Bethesda have revealed the content roadmap showing all of the premium and free content players can expect from now until the fall, including events, challenges, skins, a new vehicle, and expansions.

Content Roadmap

The first four months are filled with free content for players to enjoy. There will be new weapon skins and Wasteland Challenges released every month. June brings along a major Day 30 update and new cheat codes too. Meanwhile, July will introduce a new One-Wheeler vehicle. With the exception of "select" weapon skins, all of this content will be free for all players.

In-game events begin in May with "Bring the Ruckus", followed by "Mech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself" in June, which will also bring along a new ride. The "Global Worming" event in July will also add a new enemy, while "Mutant Derby" arrives in August. While it has a less specific start date, there's a "Rageisode 2: Attack of the Drones" event scheduled for the fall. These events will also be free for all players.

The first Premium Expansion, "Rise of the Ghosts", will arrive in August. While details are a bit scarce, we do now know it will add a new storyline, a new enemy faction, new areas to explore, and more weapons, abilities, and vehicles. The second Pemium Expansion is yet to receive an official name, but this is scheduled for the fall. Like the first expansion, it will add a new storyline, new areas to explore, and more weapons, abilities, and vehicles. As soon as we hear more details on these, we'll be sure to let you know.

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