Modern Warfare 3 Information [RUMOR]

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
Earlier today, Kotaku spilled the beans on Modern Warfare 3, the direct follow up to mega-hit Modern Warfare 2. Everything you are about to read has been unsubstantiated and details may be changed. Don't believe me? Here's a tweet from Robert Bowling (fourzerotwo and Creative Director of Infinity Ward):

A lot of hype & a lot of leaked info on #MW3, some still accurate, some not. To avoid spoiling the experience, I'd wait for the real reveal.
Be that as it may, before reading on about the start of the single player campaign and changes to the multiplayer, I will mention the supposed release date of November 8th, 2011. That may or may not be accurate, though given past entries in the franchise, we can expect it within a week or two of that date.

Single Player Information
Plot wise, the single player campaign begins exactly where the previous game ended, with Russia launching a surprise attack against the United States. Soap, Capt. Price and Nikolai, the Russian informant are all on the run. In an early sequence at a safehouse in India, the player controls Yuri, one of Nikolai's men, whom must cover the group as they attempt to flee Vladimir Makarov's men.

As usual for a Call of Duty title, the plot jumps from hot spot to hot spot. After the India sequence, the action shifts to New York where the Russians have a fleet of ships in the Hudson River. You control Frost, a member of Delta Force under the command of Sandman, that must retake the New York Stock Exchange and free up the area for U.S. armed forces to enter.

After that, Delta Force leaves New York in a Blackhawk helicopter and must shoot down Russian helicopters en route to the harbor. After infiltrating the area and dismantling a Russian submarine, the story jumps ahead a full six months.

It appears Modern Warfare 3 involves a change from Soap and Capt. Price of Task Force 141 to Frost and Sandman of Delta Force. There may be another post-credit level, this time centering on the burning of Washington D.C.

Multiplayer Information

First off, Spec-Ops will be returning. In addition to the mission style levels of Modern Warfare 2, we will see survival maps. Survival mode is the standard Horde mode we have grown to expect in shooters, with a team of players attempting to stay alive as long as possible against increasing numbers of enemies.

Supposedly 20 maps will be available for multiplayer, but whether that is out of the box or attained through DLC is unknown. What can be shared, is the name of every map.

Standard Multiplayer Maps
* Alpha
* Alps
* Bootleg
* Bravo
* Brooklyn
* Carbon
* Coast
* Dome
* Exchange
* Hardhat
* Interchange
* Lambeth
* Meteora
* Mogadishu
* Paris
* Plaza 2
* Radar
* Seatown
* Underground
* Village

Spec Ops - Survival Maps
* Carbon
* Dome
* Radar
* Seatown
* Village

Spec Ops - Mission Maps
* Civilian Rescue
* Flood the Market
* Invisible Threat
* Little Bro's
* Out of Africa
* No Fly Zone
* Wing Man

Modern Warfare 3, developed by Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software will be allegedly out on November 8th (my birthday!), 2011 in North America.
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