Xbox Game Pass Quests Guide – Unlock Achievements, Earn Points, Save Money

By Sam Quirke,
Did you know that you can boost your Microsoft Rewards points via your Xbox Game Pass games? Not only is it pretty easy to tick off every Quest in the month, but the process is also more fun – and the rewards larger – than clicking around in Bing.

How do I earn Microsoft Rewards points with Xbox Game Pass Quests?

It's simple! First off you're obviously going to need to be an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, and you also want to check that you have the Microsoft Rewards app installed on your Xbox One. Head into the Rewards app and you will see a list of the month's available Quests, their Rewards point value and the amount of time remaining on the Quest. You can also see the month's Quests on the Xbox website and in the Xbox Game Pass mobile app, but you will need the Rewards app on Xbox One to redeem your points.

So far, the Xbox Game Pass Quests tied to Microsoft Rewards have all been achievement-based. Unlock one or more achievements that meet the Quest's requirements, then confirm that you want to claim the points at the end of the Quest. Easy!

What can I do with Microsoft Rewards points?

Microsoft Rewards points can be redeemed against a variety of useful products, from in-game currencies to our personal favourite — a free month of Xbox Game Pass! If you combine your Xbox Game Pass Quests points with some Bing searches and other activities (which you can find on the Rewards app on Xbox One, mobile or in your browser), it's not too difficult to rack up the 6,800 points required for a free month of Xbox Game Pass. It's also the same amount of points needed to get a free month of Xbox Live Gold, depending on your preference!

What are this month's Xbox Game Pass Quests?

We're glad you asked! Here are the Xbox Game Pass Quests available in May, featuring the new Minecraft achievements and some Just Cause 4 achievements too.

Minecraft Kill The Beast Achievement Quest

Minecraft Kill The Beast Achievement

We're going to start with the trickiest Xbox Game Pass Quest, but it's still not too difficult. To complete this quest you need to unlock the Kill the Beast achievement, earned for killing a Ravager mob. Ravagers were added by the recent Village & Pillage update. The trick is to start a raid on a Village by the new Pillager mob type. While defeating the three waves of Pillagers, a Ravager should appear in the final wave. They are tough to beat, so you need to be prepared. All of this is very difficult to pull off in a random Minecraft seed; luckily we have more than one excellent Kill the Beast achievement guide to get you there faster.

Play Something New! Quest

anf 2

The Play Something New Quest requires you to unlock just one achievement from one of the recently added titles in Xbox Game Pass, which you can see by clicking "Show Available Games" in the Quest itself. If you have finished the above Quest already, congratulations on completing two tasks with one Ravager. Minecraft achievements count towards this quests as the game was added very recently. Bear in mind that we are talking about the new console version of Minecraft, rather than the older Xbox One Edition or any of the other variants of the game.

If you haven't unlocked anything in the new Minecraft yet, then you will complete this quest well ahead of the Kill the Beast achievement. Minecraft is probably the easiest game in which to unlock a single achievement, given the fact that you can earn the Taking Inventory Achievement by just pressing Y as soon as a game world loads up.

If you have already exhausted Minecraft, your other options are a little trickier. You can quite quickly earn the Playing Favourites Achievement in The Golf Club 2 — otherwise, you're probably best off finishing a chapter for any of the The Walking Dead: A New Frontier achievements. This is definitely the best game for those of you concerned about preserving your completion percentage, as A New Frontier is an easy Telltale list to complete.

You can earn your first Monster Hunter: World achievement during the game's prologue, but you will have to sit through a lot of cutscene and set-up to get there.

Play ID@Xbox to earn points Quest (not available in the US)

Rocket League 4

If you are in the UK, you can finish another Quest by unlocking four achievements in ID@Xbox games. The easiest way to complete this Quest is almost certainly via Rocket League achievements — if you've never played, setting up a custom 1v1 match against Rookie bots with a 1-goal limit, and scoring that goal, will net you four achievements in the space of a few minutes. Otherwise, you could try out Thomas Was Alone, What Remains of Edith Finch, The Gardens Between and Hue. All of these have pretty easy achievement lists with some early unlocks, which means you can complete the Quest and then not have to worry about how you are going to finish the list.

Play Ball Quest (not available in the UK)

The Golf Club 2

For this Quest, you just need to unlock any single achievement in two games: The Golf Club 2 and Tecmo Bowl Throwback. In both cases this shouldn't be too difficult if you haven't already started the games — The Golf Club 2 requires just one completed 18-hole round for Amateur Golfer, while the On the Spot achievement in Tecmo Bowl Throwback just requires you to complete your first pass in the game.

Sea of Thieves Quest

Patch 1.44

Here's another tricky one, especially if you have already made a start in Rare's divisive pirate adventure. You need to earn two Sea of Thieves achievements to unlock this Quest's points. If you are just starting out you can quickly earn Now Bring Me That Horizon and Full Billow by launching your ship and pulling the sails all the way down for the first time, or just drink a whole bunch of liquor and vomit for What Should We Do With The Drunken Sailor? If you are returning after a hiatus from the game, you might have enough coinage to quickly buy your first Blunderbuss or Eye of Reach from the weaponsmith. Alternatively, if you are exploring the new Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update Achievements, just slice up two animals on any island to acquire a couple of pieces of meat. Eat one raw to earn the Not So Well Done achievement, and burn the other on a fire to get the Well Done! achievement.

Just Cause 4 Quest


It might take a short while to get to your first two Just Cause 4 achievements, but there are some easy options relatively early on. Keep using the initial Retract mod for your grapple hook for 15 non-consecutive minutes for the Classic Hits achievement, and you will likely cause enough Chaos in the process to increase your Army of Chaos level once, earning the Chaos Milestone achievement. With a vast number of feats and anyone on your friend's list with Game Pass likely to give this game a go, it shouldn't be hard to manually track a feat and beat at least one friend's score, earning the Don't Choke on My Smoke achievement.

Don't forget to finish your Quests — go to the Microsoft Rewards app and click the final box in the Quest to claim your points!
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