Official Formula 1 game

By Elite Hero, 9 years ago
As everyone should by now know, Codies the developers behind Colin McRae DiRT & Race Driver Grid have the official rights to Formula One.

Their lips have been pretty tightly sealed when it comes to any announcements regarding the new title, up until today that is when they announced that Xbox 360 owners will not see it until 2010. If you want to get your hands on the game sooner then you are just going to have to buy a Wii or PSP as these versions are expected to drop this Autumn. According to brand manager Paul Walters "The scale of development that was required for the next-gen projects, especially with something like Formula 1, to it do it on such a massive high def scale requires a lot more development time than less powerful platforms like the PSP and Wii."

Hopefully there will be some more interesting news soon and maybe some video footage, but this is all we have for the time being.