New Operators Join Rainbow Six Siege for Operation Phantom Sight

By Rebecca Smith, 9 days ago
Operation Burnt Horizon will be drawing to a close in Rainbow Six Siege soon. It will be replaced by Operation Phantom Sight, which will be revealed in full during the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Finals this weekend. In the meantime, Ubisoft has teased both of the new Operators that will be making an appearance during the season: Warden and Nøkk.

First we have Collinn McKinley, more commonly known as Warden. He's a defender who is not your atypical Operator, managing to specialise in both preparation and improvisation, despite those two concepts usually being mutually exclusive.

Nøkk is an attacker from the Danish Jægerkorpset elite special operations force. She's an undercover agent who has managed to stay relatively unknown, something that she uses to her advantage when infiltrating enemy locations and gathering intel. Her HEL gadget turns her into "nothing short of a ghost", and she operates in the shadows, something that's extremely evident from her teaser trailer.

Operation Phantom Sight will be unveiled on May 19th, so stay tuned for more details.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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