Fortnite X John Wick Event Begins Today

By Rebecca Smith, 9 days ago
Fortnite's latest in-game event has begun today, and it features another crossover that was hinted at earlier this week. Developer Epic Games has teamed up with Lionsgate to release the Fortnite X John Wick event that has a Wick’s Bounty Limited Time Mode and free John Wick Challenges that reward players with a variety of themed items.

The Wick's Bounty Limited Time Mode is available for Solo, Duos, and Squad play. Each player starts with a set number of gold coins and three lives. Every time a player is eliminated, the assassin gets a gold coin for every elimination they have, as well as one for all of the coins the target was carrying. Once a player reaches the 250 coin milestone, the top three players will have a "gold/silver/bronze #1/2/3 icon" over their heads. Once 400 coins is reached, the top three players are marked on the map or compass when they are nearby and shooting or moving. The game ups once again when the 600 coins milestone is reached. Here, the top three players can be seen by everyone on the map or compass when they are moving or shooting, and if that's not enough, they also have a gold/silver/bronze glow. The leader at this milestone also gets the alt Wick skin for the rest of the match. The winner is the first to 1,000 coins.

The rewards from the challenges include the Gold Coin Back Bling, the One Shot Glider, and the Boogeyman Wrap. There's the "John Wick Set" available in the in-game shop too, which includes a John Wick Outfit and a Simple Sledge Pickaxe.

The event follows on from this week's patch, v9.01, that added the Tactical Assault Rifle to Battle Royale and Creative, Mist Pods mini bosses and the Prehistoric Izza Dionsaur Constructor to Save the World, and the Ruined Tilted themes to Creative. You can see a full list of the patch notes here.

The Fortnite X John Wick event is running now.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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