Samurai Shodown Pre-Orders Get Season Pass for Free

By Rebecca Smith, 9 days ago
The last Samurai Shodown title to appear on any console was the Samurai Shodown Anthology on Wii, PSP, and PlayStation 2 in 2009. To thank the fans that have stuck with SNK between then and the launch of this year's Xbox One title, Samurai Shodown, players who purchase the game soon after release will receive the season pass absolutely free.

The season pass will include the first six months of the game's post-release content, such as four new fighters. Players who purchase the game will be able to download the season pass for free until June 30th. If you're tempted by the offer but aren't quite sure what you're getting into, the game's latest trailer aims to bring you up to scratch. "Samurai Shodown 101" includes all you'll ever want to know, from the game's story mode to new features like Dojo Mode, which creates a ghost of the player for them to take on in matches.

We also get a closer glimpse at two of the game's characters. The first of those is Genjuro, a man who enjoys fighting, gambling, and drinking in equal measure.

The second character is the game's cover star, Haohmaru. He's a swordsman who also likes a drink, although he's more partial to sake.

Samurai Shodown and its 16 characters will be released on June 25th, meaning players only have a five day window to claim their free season pass.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the SAMURAI SHODOWN achievements.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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