The Purveyor Arrives a Week Early in Fallout 76

By Rebecca Smith, 4 days ago
Last week, Patch 9 was released for Fallout 76. Otherwise known as the Ever Upwards! update, it added several new features such as Pioneer Scout missions, backpacks, new vending machines, updates to the survival scoreboard, and weapon adjustments. One of the features it didn't add was The Purveyor, a new Mole Miner vendor that sold Legendary items. She was due to be released on May 23rd as part of the Wild Appalachia season, but in a surprise move, Bethesda has added The Purveyor to the game a week early.

The Purveyor

Mole Miners haven't been known for their friendly demeanour, so The Purveyor is a bit of an unknown entity. She's the first Mole Miner to ever leave the safety of the underground so that she can sell Legendary weapons and armour to Vault Dwellers. Players will need Legendary Scrip if they want any of her items, though, and they'll get that through the new Legendary Exchange Machines that were added as part of Patch 9.

The Purveyor is located at Berkeley Springs Train Station and she'll sell legendary armour, melee weapons, and ranged weapons. Each of those items will have between 1-3 legendary attributes, which she'll select when players buy the item. This means that items will have a fixed type and star-rating, but will have random attributes. The price of the item will depend on its type and star-rating rather than its attributes as a result. You can get an idea of the items she sells in the screenshot below:

The Purveyor

The Purveyor is available now, but she isn't the last of the content updates to be added as part of the Wild Appalachia season. Next week on May 21st, Bethesda will release Patch 9.5 that will introduce an in-game event called Project Paradise, as well as fixing a few bugs. The previously promised C.A.M.P. display cases will not be part of this update as the team is still working on the feature — more information on this has been promised for the future.

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