Lords of the Fallen 2 No Longer Developed by Defiant Studios

By Rebecca Smith,
The development of Lords of the Fallen 2 has been far from smooth. Its original developer, Deck13, moved on to develop sci-fi action-RPG The Surge instead. They were replaced by Defiant Games nearly a year ago, with the studio stating they were "excited about the chance to make the next LotF". We've heard nothing since then, and it seems that's for good reason. According to a press release obtained by Eurogamer, the developer has split from publisher CI Games, and the split is not amicable.

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CI Games released a statement saying Defiant had been removed from the game due to "inadequate execution by Defiant [of] a key work stage (milestone no. 11), a so-called vertical slice", and "the quality of the work was lower than expected by the company". Apparently the publisher had tried to remedy the situation but it hadn't worked. However, Defiant disputes this version of events and instead insists their work was up to standard, although they refused to comment further due to "contractual confidentiality obligations".

Regardless of whose version of events is true, Defiant is no longer working on Lords of the Fallen 2. Instead, development duties have now passed to an in-house team at CI Games. That team is currently working on Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts, and its unknown whether the team will work on the two games simultaneously or whether they will delay one of them.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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