Multiple DayZ Servers Will Go Offline On May 27th

By Nicole René, 30 days ago
If you're an avid player of the survival title DayZ, you might want to pay attention to the particular servers you use. According to a recent forum post, Bohemia Interactive will officially shut down 23 Xbox One servers on May 27th. The goal is to increase the populations of existing servers, while also decreasing the total number of servers altogether. You can read the full explanation—as well as the full list of offline servers—below.


To concentrate the existing player base on Xbox on a reduced amount of servers, we will take 23 Xbox servers offline on Monday, 27th of May. To signal this change, we will change the name of the affected servers to "Persistence OFF". However, the persistence on these servers will remain functional until the 27th of May. So use this opportunity to move your existing storages to other servers.

Affected Servers

  • DayZ EU - NL 8626 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ EU - NL 8632 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ EU - NL 8638 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ EU - NL 8644 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ EU - NL 8629 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ EU - NL 8635 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ EU - NL 8641 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ EU - NL 8647 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US - WD 4167 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US - WD 4206 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US - WD 4245 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US - WD 4170 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US - WD 4209 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US - WD 4248 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US - WD 8154 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US - SJ 8656 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US - SJ 8668 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US - SJ 8680 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US - SJ 8692 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US - SJ 8659 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US - SJ 8671 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US - SJ 8683 (Persistence ON)
  • DayZ US - SJ 8695 (Persistence ON)
As noted above, all bases and items that remain on the offline servers after May 27th will be lost entirely, so players should transfer their storage as soon as possible. It's also worth noting that servers with a higher population of players may be different than what some survivors are used to. With a higher chance of player encounters, there's a higher chance for PvP as well, and scavenging and exploring are also affected.

Unfortunately, these latter issues are causing a bit of concern with the community. Many players seem to prefer the less populated servers in comparison, as they tend to be more casual with supplies in higher abundance. In addition to this, DayZ is well known for being the victim of various unfair exploits, which some players fear will increase in numbers when joining a larger crowd. Bohemia Interactive spoke out a second time in the forums to address this, stating that they are indeed aware of the problems:
First of all, we are very aware of the current issues on Xbox, especially the duping, ghosting, freezes etc. Our team is working on resolving these issues, but sadly it will still take some time until those fixes will be published. Until then, duped gear has to be stored somewhere. A general higher population on servers makes it also more difficult for dupers to hide their bases. And DayZ is designed as a multiplayer experience, so while there are certainly hotspots and more abandoned areas on the map, DayZ is designed as a Multiplayer experience.
Despite the concerns, plans will continue as expected. Once again, the servers listed above will be unavailable on May 27th, so make sure to grab your gear before it's too late.

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