Hybrid Delayed Until 2012

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
5th Cell has announced that upcoming XBLA shooter Hybrid, previously due to be released this year, has now been bumped back to 2012.

The game is set in the year 2031, with Earth reduced to a post-apocalyptic landscape after billions of people were wiped out by the impact of an "extinction-level" asteroid. Deep within the asteroid laid a single-celled alien bacterium, which spread into Earth's atmosphere after the impact. Half of the survivors of the initial collision were infected, and their genes were genetically altered. These people became known as the Variant, whilst the immune became known as the Paladin. After six years of segregation, the Variant are waging a global war against the Paladin, in an attempt to establish a new world order. Players can choose to represent either side in their attempt at global domination.

5th Cell's CEO and Creative Director Jeremiah Slaczka explained more about the delay:

Hybrid was very well received this past GDC; people really seemed to enjoy it, but with an additional year, we can take what we've learned and really drill down on our ideas to hopefully transform this game into something great. At 5TH Cell, our goal is to strive toward making the best titles we can, with the extra time we can make quality a focus.
I'm guessing that making quality a focus is the new euphemism for giving the game more polish. Click here for the latest details, screenshots and trailer for the game.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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