Just Cause 4 Los Demonios DLC and Spring Update Announced

By Dave Horobin,
Avalanche Studios and Square Enix have revealed details of Just Cause 4's second DLC, "Los Demonios", will be available starting June 26th for Daredevils, Demons and Danger expansion pass owners, and as a standalone purchase the following week on July 3rd.

In "Los Demonios", Rico will have to fight off a demonic invasion that has been unexpectedly released by an archaeologist working with the Black Hand from a newly discovered temple on an island off the shore of Solis. With the parasitic infestation spreading across Solis and terrorizing its inhabitants and members of the Black Hand, Rico will have to find answers and eradicate the demon invasion before it's too late.

"Los Demonios" promises a return to the liberation-style gameplay found in 2015's Just Cause 3, and will include new missions that seamlessly integrate into Just Cause 4's large sandbox world. There will also be new weapons like the Demon Crossbow and Demon Egg Supply Drop, and new supernatural enemies that spit corrosive acid, posses soldiers, and can even control military vehicles and turn them against you.

You can watch the "Los Demonios" trailer below:

Also announced is a large Spring Update that will provide a number of improvements along with new additions that fans have been requesting. Lighting has been significantly improved to make the world look "more vibrant", new destructible statues and metal train bridges have been added, Black Hand combat vehicle AI has been improved, new mobile chaos objects have been introduced, and there will be increased ammunition for all weapons. You can read the full details of the Spring Update in the latest Just Cause 4 dev update post on the Square Enix site here.

The Spring Update for Just Cause 4 is available now. You can watch a trailer showcasing the updates and new additions in more detail below:

Just Cause 4's "Los Demonios" DLC will be available on June 26th for expansion pass owners, with a standalone purchase releasing the following week on July 3rd.

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