Xbox One Sale Roundup: May 28th, 2019

By Jack Watling,
Here are the latest Xbox One sales for both Gold and Silver members.

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Xbox One Sales

Xbox One Games

Product Discount Sale Price Info
Snooker Nation Championship 20% $4.79 Silver sale Buy
39 Days to Mars 20% $11.99 Gold sale Buy
Ages of Mages - The last keeper 20% $9.59 Gold sale Buy
Anoxemia 67% $2.63 Silver sale Buy
Call of Cthulhu 75% $14.99 Gold sale Buy
Coffee Crisis 50% $5.49 Silver sale Buy
Cyber Complex 40% $5.99 Gold sale Buy
Dark Souls: Remastered 30% $27.99 Gold sale Buy
DayD: Through Time 60% $3.99 Gold sale Buy
Death Road To Canada 40% $8.99 Silver sale Buy
Ginger: Beyond The Crystal 67% $6.59 Gold sale Buy
Rad Rodgers 67% $6.59 2 unobtainable achievementsGold sale Buy
Shalnor Legends: Sacred Lands 30% $6.99 Gold sale Buy
Slain: Back from Hell 75% $3.74 Gold sale Buy
Stories: The Path of Destinies 30% $10.49 Gold sale Buy
Sundered: Eldritch Edition 50% $9.99 Gold sale Buy
Tekken 7 50% $25.00 Gold sale Buy
Uncanny Valley 70% $3.89 Gold sale Buy
Vampyr 75% $14.99 Gold sale Buy
Vertical Drop Heroes HD 70% $2.99 Gold sale Buy
Yooka-Laylee 75% $9.99 Gold sale Buy

Xbox One DLC

Product Discount Sale Price Info
Gigantica Road Lake for Fishing Sim World 35% $7.14 Silver sale Buy
Lago del mundo for Fishing Sim World 15% $9.34 Silver sale Buy
Lake Arnold for Fishing Sim World 35% $7.14 Silver sale Buy
Lake Dylan for Fishing Sim World 20% $8.79 Silver sale Buy
Tennis World Tour - Rafael Nadal for Tennis World Tour 100% Silver sale Buy

Windows Sales

Windows Games

Product Discount Sale Price Info
Sundered: Eldritch Edition 50% $9.99 Gold sale Buy
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