Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne Videos Showcase Deadly New Weaponry

By Rebecca Smith,
Monster Hunter: World's first major expansion, "Iceborne", will be arriving this fall, and with it will arrive new ranks, locations, monsters, moves, equipment, and a story that continues after the events of the main game. The latest trailers to appear offer a brief look at two of the new deadly weapons players will be using to take down those new foes, as well as a new element, Clutch Claw.

The first trailer showcases the Saito, a type of Long Sword. It's a heavy weapon, but it does a lot of damage when used in an aerial attack.

The second trailer shows off the Great Sword. This intimidating spiked sword is great for stopping monsters in their tracks.

The third and final trailer is a closer look at the Clutch Claw, a new element that will be added to the Slinger. As the name suggests, it fires a claw towards monsters, allowing players to grapple towards the enemy for a rapid close quarters attack.

Monster Hunter: World - "Iceborne" and its new weapons will arrive on September 6th.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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