Battlefield V Mercury Map Arrives This Week, New Elites Available Now

By Rebecca Smith,
Battlefield V's Chapter 3: Trial by Fire is in full swing, with additions already including Firestorm mode, limited time modes, and weapons. The latest of those updates is available this week. Two more Elite soldiers have arrived in-game today, while the Mercury map is due to arrive on Thursday, and all three come with new trailers to show you what you can expect.

The Mercury map aims to recreate the events of Operation Mercury, otherwise known as the Battle of Crete. Allied and Axis players will do battle on the vertical Mediterranean coastline of the island. Crashed plane aside, it looks like quite a picturesque holiday town, but I'm sure there won't be much left of it by the time you've finished.

Two more Elite soldiers have brought the game's total to four characters. The new Allies Elite soldier is Hanna Delacroix, who comes armed with a Poignard. After Germany began the occupation of France, whe played a key part in moving as many French citizens to safety as she possibly could. She has a talent for scouting German emplacements and uses that skill alongside the UK army as they fight to free France from the Axis powers.

On the Axis side is Wilhelm Franke, who comes equipped with the Naval Dagger. He's a demolitionist with a reputation for using explosives to solve every problem. He might be too straight-forward for some to tolerate, but he commands respect and will fulfil every single mission requirement. The downside is that he might have given himself hearing loss.

Hanna Delacroix and Wilhelm Franke are available now. Mercury becomes available later this week on May 30th.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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