A New Tokyo Mission Is Coming To World War Z Next Week

By Nicole René, 5 months ago
As you might have seen from the post-launch roadmap, the first DLC for World War Z has been delayed from its original May release date. However, there's good news for fans of the zombie co-op shooter, as the new release date is set for next week instead, and it's bringing a few surprises as well.

World War Z

Although few details have been given on the new Tokyo mission that's included in the DLC, we do know that it involves a rather luxurious cruise ship. Arriving alongside the mission is a new FOV (field of view) slider, a new special zombie which spits a deadly virus and resurrects itself, and the much desired addition of private lobbies. And—as with any other planned DLC content—it's free for all players. No reason was given for the delay, but it's likely that this time was used to include the private lobbies, as they were not originally part of the new update.

You can test out all the new enhancements yourself when the DLC releases on June 3rd.

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Nicole René
Written by Nicole René
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