Crackdown 3 Extra Edition Update Adds More Achievements

By Rebecca Smith,
Back in March, developer Sumo Digital promised that Keys to the City would be coming soon to Crackdown 3: Campaign. It's taken a little while but today the mode has arrived as part of a new free Extra Edition update, and it brings along new achievements for players to earn.

Keys to the City gives players tools and cheats to use within the Campaign that makes them even more overpowered than they were before. There's the invincible God Mode, Super Speed so you can jet around the city even quicker, or cause stupid amounts of damage with Elemental Fists. You can grab unlimited ammo and gadgets, and spawn vehicles and props around the city as you please. If you feel like going on a rampage, you can spawn enemies wherever you like too. The mode has added 9 achievements worth a total of 250 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Name Description Gamerscore
Beach Brawl Kill 10 enemies with Beach Balls in a Keys to the City world. 25
Pile Up Destroy 5 or more vehicles you’ve spawned within 5 seconds in a Keys to the City world. 25
The Floor Is Lava Using the Jetpack, kill 30 Enemies consecutively whilst in the air in a Keys to the City world. 25
KABOOOOOM Create an explosion with 20 or more explosive props you’ve spawned in a Keys to the City world. 25
Ice To See You Freeze 5 enemies using a Ground Pound with Ice Elemental Fists equipped in a Keys to the City world. 35
BOOM-Box! Spawn a Boombox and use it to kill someone in a Keys to the City world. 15
You Should Have Ducked Spawn a Rubber Duck and use it to kill an enemy in a Keys to the City world. 15
Born Survivor Survive for 10 minutes with maximum retaliations active in Keys to the City with God Mode disabled. 60
Strike! Kill 10 spawned Wardens in less than 5 seconds whilst driving a vehicle in a Keys to the City world. 25
The Campaign isn't the only part of the game to benefit from the Extra Edition update. Crackdown 3: Wrecking Zone now has a vanity progression system. Players can work through 100 tiers of items, such as holographic ‘LENS’ adornments, helmets, weapon skins, that can be used to customise their Agents as they please. Players will earn Agency points during multiplayer matches that are used to purchase the cosmetics, which can then be applied in new Agent customization screens. There has also been six more types of ‘Overdrive’ Skill boosts added, and "other user interface updates".

The Extra Edition update is available now.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
Rebecca is the Newshound Manager at TrueGaming Network. She has been contributing articles since 2010, especially those that involve intimidatingly long lists. When not writing news, she works in an independent game shop so that she can spend all day talking about games too. She'll occasionally go outside.
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