Anthem Livestream Details the Cataclysm

By Lucy Wood,
Bioware used a Twitch livestream to share details of the upcoming Cataclysm content for Anthem, which is about to enter a 2-3 week public testing phase on PC.


Cataclysm challenges Anthem players to survive a hostile environment, completing objectives and solving mysteries while deadly storms deplete their resistance to harm. It's a timed game mode with scoring based on the activities players choose to do. Weaker players will be able to complete basic Cataclysm runs, albeit with low scores. However, players who take on more challenging activities can earn score multipliers and thereby get more loot. Players earn event currency by participating in Cataclysm, which they can then use to buy war chests from a new vendor.

Livestream presenters Ben Irving and Jesse Anderson carefully avoided spoilers as they discussed the upcoming Anthem event and visited the Cataclysm area. The information they provided about Cataclysm can be summarised as follows:
  • Cataclysm will run for eight weeks, including two weeks of pre-event activities
  • Designed to be accessible to players of all levels
  • Adds three new missions and a new area
  • Includes systems for scoring, inversions and leaderboards
  • Event rewards include new weapon types as well as Masterwork and Legendary support gear
  • New items will have a higher power level than current items
  • Rewards, activities and inversions will change each week
Bioware hasn't announced a launch date for Cataclysm, but are planning to tell players more after EA Play.

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Lucy Wood
Written by Lucy Wood
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