The Surge 2 Release Date, Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

By Sam Quirke,
A new store listing has appeared for The Surge 2, and assuming Microsoft have entered the details correctly it means we have the exact release date.

The Surge 2

The listing gives a short description of the game, as well as a breakdown of its key gameplay elements — all of which sound similar to the first:

On the way to Jericho City, your plane is shot down by a mysterious storm and crash-lands in the outskirts. Armor-clad soldiers enforce Martial Law, robots are on a rampage, and a dark, expanding nanostorm looms over the cityscape...

  • Hardcore, brutal melee combat
  • Face deadly foes and colossal bosses
  • Cut off parts of the enemy you want to loot
  • Rich character progression and customization

The game appears to be available for pre-order in Australia only, and it also seems that there will be a cosmetic pack available as a pre-order — the URBN Gear Pack:

This pack includes Warren’s well-used Cutter from The Surge, the unique, full-body URBN armor set, the URBN Judgement Axe, the URBN Skimmer Drone and its Lootscan.exe Radar Module, along with a unique online message icon.
There's no sign of any specific details on the store listings as yet — no word on Xbox One X Enhancements or the file size — but we do know two key facts. The Australian release price is $89.95, which would put it around the $60 mark in the US and £50 in the UK.

The game is apparently expected to release on September 24th 2019.

We've got the full list of The Surge 2 achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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