Celeste's Free "Chapter 9" DLC Will Feature Over 100 Levels

By James Kearle,
When Celeste was unveiled to the world back in January 2018, its reputation developed overnight from anticipated independent title to Game of the Year contender. Released to glowing critical praise, the game was acclaimed by reviewers and fans alike for its for its challenging platforming, constantly evolving gameplay, and nuanced underlying commentary on mental health. Over 18 months after its initial release, many fans are eager to get their hands on the long-awaited free DLC promised by co-creator Matt Thorson some time ago. Despite there still being no release date yet, Thorson was able to confirm some promising news on Twitter – the "Chapter 9" DLC will feature over 100 levels.

In responses to the above tweet, Thorson also elaborated on the reasons for the DLC's delay, mentioning that any silence regarding release date information was due to the scope of the project snowballing, missing "every internal target" the developers set. Given the size of the DLC in question, it is now easier to understand why this is the case.

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James Kearle
Written by James Kearle
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